Nissy Nsilulu, known online as Nissy Tee, first stepped into the media industry from the tender age of 15 as she began producing and presenting her own radio show on online radio station: Break London. From this point on her love for broadcast and media grew and she began hosting a number of events as well as conducting interviews with a number of well known names such as Fuse ODG, Meridian Dan and Stormzy.

In 2014 Nissy then went on to study English Literature at the University of Cambridge and graduated in July of 2017. She then went on to work for MDC Group, an award winning office interior design & build company as a Junior Marketing Executive, helping to develop the business and it's brand as a whole.


Alongside both her academic career and then later: her work commitments, Nissy was also running a YouTube channel. Her channel currently boasts over 55K subscribers and over 3 Million lifetime views. Nissy uses her channel to discuss a range of topics including: race, relationships, identity and social-economic issues, as well as giving her viewers advice all in attempt to motivate and encourage others. In addition to this, Nissy is also a presenter both on radio (every Monday, 10pm - 12am at Westside FM) and online (BEBB), a host and a speaker who has spoken at a number of events and universities. Some of these include: Loughborough and Kent university, the European Commission House and the Houses of Parliament. Nissy is also the founder of The Powerless Masterclass, a bi-monthly Masterclass focused on helping people "reclaim their power" in order to fully walk in the fulness of who they have been called to be. 


And finally, Nissy is also a Digital Strategist who primarily focuses on social media marketing strategy helping smaller brands/ companies build their social media presence, engage with new customers and become a more diverse and inclusive brand.


Also, in being known for her eclectic interests, intertwined with her opinionated nature, Nissy has also made appearances as a guest on a number of media platforms. These include: BBC News, The Victoria Derbyshire show, BBC 1Xtra, Channel 4 News and popular online YouTube series Bkchat LDN. And more recently, Nissy was also invited to deliver her first TEDx talk at Aston University, Birmingham where the theme was Diversity and Mind-set. Her talk was focused on something Nissy is deeply passionate about: the importance of people reclaiming their narratives. This she says is her proudest moment yet.

                                      ~ NISSY TEE

Photography: @visualsbylollycomms