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"Your brand is a reflection of who you are; whether that be you as an individual or you as a company..."


Over 3.196 billion people use some form of social media platform across the world. Needless to say social media has become an important part of our world, including the way we view and consume brands. If you know it's time to carve out your space online, reach a wider audience or even amplify your voice in your chosen market... I'm here to help.

I offer a wide range of services including: researchsocial media strategy, full social media audit's, and even social media account set-up. Essentially, whether you're starting your social media platforms from scratch or your brand is already on social media but you're not sure how to take it to the next level, I aid you in establishing a sense of clarity and focus to your online presence in order to help you carve out your space online in what can seem like a highly saturated and noisy arena.


It's time to build the brand you've always wanted!

Packages on offer:

Package 1: One off Consultation

- Online Questionnaire

- Brief audit: basic look at social media platform(s) 
- Face to face meeting to discuss: noticeable issues & general areas where improvements can be made


Package 2: Consultation & Strategy Pack

- Full audit: extensive look into social media platform(s) if already established

- Market research on competitors

- Detailed report: findings from research & analytics

- Strategy Pack: attached to the report will be a detailed outline of ideas, concepts, themes, recommendation of collaborations etc.

that will help enhance your brands online profile. And a social media calendar for the next 6 months 



Package 3: Consultation, Strategy Plan & Initial set-up

- All the above

- Social Media initial set-up (creating all necessary social media platforms)

- One week management of page to get you going


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