Are you finally ready to stop making excuses?

To stop putting limits on yourself?

And to finally Reclaim Your POWER and live as the best version of yourself?

Well then to all my ladies... the Powerclass Programme is for you!

For a long time I have watched far too many women waste their lives being crippled by fear, having low expectations of themselves, and be unable to take all the dreams that they have in their minds and turn it into something real!

After nearly 10 years of creating and establishing an online brand that has allowed me to establish a community of over 150,000 people across my social media platforms, having impacted 1,000's of lives through my numerous speaking engagements at schools, universities and even world recognised institutions such as: The Houses of Parliament and City Hall. Having, on numerous occasions, been invited to appear on equally world known platforms such as Channel 4 News and the BBC, and having independently released and successfully sold my debut ebook: 'The Powerbook Handbook' I have decided to teach you everything I know about being the best, most confident and fearless version of yourself in a world that as women, can often leave us empty, alone and bankrupt. 

The Powerclass Programme is a FEMALE ONLY programme for my ladies who are ready to make a commitment to themselves; a commitment to finally show up and give the world what God put you on this planet for: to the BEST version of YOU! 


And my aim is to help 1,000 worldwide to do exactly that! This is more than just a community... let's call it, an army!


As I always say, if you had no purpose or wasn't meant to be here you'd be dead. But here you are, still living and breathing and yet you have the audacity to play it small? That stops today.


It's time to Reclaim Your Power. STARTING NOW.


Join the programme for weekly online webinars, resources in the form of workbooks and exclusive video content as we focus on building the 'you' up that you know deserves to shine!

Consider me your coach, and most importantly your friend, who through the Powerclass Programme is ready to help you put in the work in order to learn everything you need to know to build a more powerful you.

And if that's still not enough and you'd like to book private one to one personal development and/or branding coaching sessions please email me for a quote: info@nissytee.com