Our Mission Statement:

"To help you reclaim your power."


The Powerclass Masterclass is an extension of Nissy Tee's ever growing brand which has impacted thousands of people across the world including her combined following of over 130,000 people on her social media platforms.

The bi-monthly masterclasses are quite literally dedicated to helping individuals reclaim POWER over certain areas of their lives. Some of the events we've had include: 'Reclaiming Power Over Your Mind', 'Reclaiming Power Over Your Confidence' and our most recent event: 'Reclaiming Power Over Your Finances.'


Each event brings a panel of experts, specialists and those that have stories to share in that area, to speak to our attendees in order to encourage, empower and mobilise them into actively seeking to do and be better! Each event is filled with like minded individuals who are hungry to break out of limitation and ready to gain more from life and our events feed that hunger! Each masterclass is designed to help people realise their potential, break away from boundaries and limitations and most importantly, give them the knowledge, skills and tools they need to not only survive but to actually thrive despite their surroundings or situation. Our aim is to fill the gap and realign every person (because we should never write anyone off) with the highest form of themselves.


Bi-Monthly Masterclass.

Different topic, same POWER. 

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