Our mission statement:

"To help you reclaim your power."


The POWERCLASS is an extension of Nissy Tee's ever growing brand which has impacted a number of people including her combined following of over 120K people across her social media platforms. Nissy has run a number of events including a Meet & Greet in 2018 entitled: The POWER of YOU which was focused on empowerment, development and breaking barriers within ones self saw over 100 guests who learnt, laughed, shared and even cried together; with some saying they left feeling more powerful than they have ever felt.


Across London there is an alarming rise in the number of young people involved in violent crime, particularly incidents of knife crime. Every year the number of "knife-related homicides" have increased with a steep increase in 2017-18 where there were 285 killings, the highest figure since 1946. As of April 3 2019 there have been over 20 fatalities from stabbings in London this year. Whilst mental health is unfortunately also an ever-increasing issue with NHS Digital figures showing that the number of drugs issued - for conditions like depression and anxiety - went up from 67.5 million in 2017. Almost double the number dispensed in 2008.


Perhaps if people knew they had permission to be confident and live at their full capacity. Perhaps if individuals were given the skills and resources to understand themselves better. Perhaps if people were reminded that despite what social media was saying, that they had a purpose and that they possessed POWER we'd have far less people who fall into these statistics.


The POWERCLASS therefore is a platform dedicated to getting people thinking differently about themselves and their agency in order for them to reclaim their POWER. It is designed to help people realise their potential, break away from boundaries and limitations and most importantly, give them the knowledge, skills and tools they need to not only survive but to actually thrive despite their surroundings or situation. Our aim is to fill the gap and realign every person (because we should never write anyone off) with the highest form of themselves.


Bi-Monthly Masterclass.

Different topic, same POWER. 


Every single one of us is powerful in our own right, but as we are met with the many blows life has to offer, many of us shrink, often becoming tiny remnants of the great individuals we were designed to be. The POWERCLASS is dedicated to reversing that, allowing people to be realigned with their power and purpose.

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