Growing up I was insecure, a people pleaser and more familiar with police sirens and violent crime (having grown up in an area of London where it was the norm) than I was with the person I had the potential to be.

However, the older I got the more I realised that I had a decision to make:  either I choose to settle for where I've started, or I do what is necessary to ensure that it isn't where my story ends. I chose the latter.

I remember the day that I officially stepped on to my college grounds at the University of Cambridge and again I was reminded that this was bigger than me. I had something to offer the world, but I could only do it if I made another decision. I had to decide that I was going to walk in the POWER I know I possessed every single day in order to  be the fullest and best version of myself.


And as I have continued on this journey and become a Content Creator, a Speaker, a Digital Strategist and even a coach and mentor in many ways, I've realised that while I may have received this revelation there were far too many people full of potential that hadn't. So that's when I started 'The Powerclass Masterclass' a bi-monthly live event dedicated to helping people reclaim their power. And from the Powerclass came the ebook: let's just call it a condensed version of all the important things I believe is needed before one can even attempt to walk in their power.


Ultimately, the Powerbook Handbook is for YOU. It's for the person that may not have had the best start in life but knows that they want and will get more! It's for those that are ready to truly reclaim their POWER irrespective of where they find themselves right now!


It's for those that are truly ready to get what's theres!