Updated: Nov 18, 2018


I come from a household full of girls, four girls to be precise, with me being the eldest. I look at my sisters and I am reminded of why I work so hard. I look at my sisters and I think to myself: “What do I want them to see when they see me?” And my answer hasn't shifted: I want my sisters to see a woman who sees no limits in herself or the people around her. I want them to see a dedicated, hard working woman who's willing to go the extra mile to reach her goals. I want them to see me and see that they are capable of being anything and everything they want to be. And most importantly, I want them to see that I love them and that I'll always do my best to protect them because that's what sisters are for.

However, while our familial sisterhood is incredibly important, I also want my sisters to understand the duty they have to an extended circle of sisters. I want them to recognise that they also play a part in encouraging, supporting and empowering the women, young girls and ladies that they will encounter day to day and throughout their lives. That could be the aunty next door, the girl friends they have at school or the girls they follow online; essentially, we should be showing them that there is both value and power in sisterhood.

I strongly believe that it’s up to us to teach our sisters that we don’t have to fight each other in order to get ahead. But rather, I want us to remind them that it's more important now than ever to build each other up and stand together! We must remind them that there is space for all of them to win, and that while the world still reeks of misogyny and inequality, they must continue working together in order to break down every barrier and limitation they may encounter because of it. Over the years I've found that there's something incredibly powerful about being surrounded by women who genuinely support you. It's like having a tribe who can reassure you, uplift you when you need it most and sometimes even remind you of just how incredible you are! It's important that our sisters know that healthy sisterhood is both attainable and so rewarding.

And while growing up I occasionally felt burdened by the responsibility of being a good role model for my sisters, I have grown to see how much of a blessing having younger sisters has been to me. I am grateful knowing that I am the “head of the train” as my dad always says, of three beautiful queens. Now, I see how much my sisters have been the 'why' I needed in order to be propelled forward. So all I ask is that you embrace being the head of the train in your household or even in your community, and ensuring that your sisters form healthy relationships with other women and stay on track to being the best version of themselves!

P.s. Yep, I know, I know... my sister & I look DOPE haha! One day we’ll do a shoot with the whole squad!