BEBB is an online media platform that specialises in both visual and written content that informs, encourages and educates its audience on the numerous topics and issues that are often omitted from the curriculum and/ or mainstream media.


Our mission statement:

"To empower people through education."


In short, we aim to teach people the things we are not taught in school, the things we are not shown on the news and to challenge dominant narratives that exist in our mainstream media.

BEBB, therefore, has been created as a means of bridging gaps between ourselves and various questions that one might ask such as: do we really know what we are voting for in a referendum? Do we understand how credit works and how it will affect us when making monumental decisions such as buying a house? Or even, do we know about the many positive things people are doing within their local communities?

The website has also been designed to broaden the minds of individuals by representing a wide range of ages, demographics, cultures, races and much more, with the sole intention of educating its viewers/ readers in some way, shape or form. Please take note that the word education has been used and not schooling, as there is undoubtedly a significant difference between the two. Indeed, while schooling creates the next generation of workers, education creates the next generation of world changers.


BEBB aims to ignite the flame of more world changers whilst challenging perception & narrative.

Ignorance is not bliss. And it is through education that we not only unravel our true potential, but we can also empower and equip ourselves to become the best version of ourselves, to live our best possible lives.

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